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Chaplaincy Program
Clifton High School Chaplaincy program has been running since 1998 and is an integral part of the student support services.
The Chaplaincy program is specifically tasked to actively and respectfully care for students and staff from a diversity of beliefs and worldviews. The Chaplain supports students and staff both emotionally and spiritually.
The Chaplain serves as a role model for the students and is involved with the student body to encourage, support and sustain healthy relationships among their peers and families.
Our current Chaplaincy program incorporates the following activities that do not include religious/spiritual content.
  • Free Milo for students and staff during immunisations as well as select days in the school term.
  • A general appointment where students who are distressed or in need of a break can come and talk with Doug (Our Current Chaplain) 
  • Students are given a Birthday Card on behalf of the school by the Chaplain. These birthday cards are personalized and contain well-wishes from the school community.
  • Various programs to cultivate socio-emotional health among the student body e.g. A2B, Tree of Life, R.A.G.E. etc.
  • Speakers/Bands - Occasionally Speakers/Bands may be invited to the school to speak on a current issue - Relationships/Self-Esteem etc.
Activities within Chaplaincy that include religious/spiritual content and generally require parental permission upon enrolment or during the term  include:
  • A prayer meeting that is open to the school community. The Chaplain facilitates his event each Wednesday morning after school.
  • The Friday “Lunch Group” - Where students can have fun and engage relevant teenage issues as well as hearing Christian ideas on related topics. This also serves as a time for those wanting to know more about Christianity.
If you’d like any further information please contact the Chaplain, Doug Espie at the school or via