Our school


​​​Our shared vision

Working collaboratively to ensure that every day, in every classroom, every student is learning and achieving. Staff and students working and learning collaboratively to prepare students for the future. 

Statement of purpose

'Seeing Red Cars' - Our intentional focus is Learning and Performance.  Our focus is on what we want to see more of in every field - academic, sporting, cultural and agricultural.  

Core Focus for 2023​

# Pedagogical Framework – New Art and Science of Teaching

# Literacy (Reading/Writing/Thinking)

# Attendance

# Whole School Curricular Planning 7- 12 (ACARA)

# Collegial Engagement

# Consistent behaviour expectations​

Goals 2023 

Invest for Success:

  • Continued improvement in the level of achievement for all students in the Junior- Secondary phase
  • Increase number of students obtaining literacy NMS or above in the reading and writing strand for years 7 & 9
  • Continual focus on the number of students achieving a 'C' standard or better in Junior Secondary English, Maths and Science – “Everyone moves up one"
  • Maintain attainment percentages – “Everyone leaves with: 100% of Year 12s exit with an ATAR, QCE, QCIA, VET/SAS Qualification or a combination of these
  • Strong Community Partnerships – Focus on Agriculture and Equine Centre of Excellence


  • Respect for Others
  • Personal Best
  • Justice
  • Quality Teaching and Learning
  • Responsibility
  • Trustworthiness
  • Success
  • Safe and supportive learning environment


  • High expectations of students and staff
  • Enthusiastic and caring approach
  • Positive interpersonal relationships underpin success
  • Recognition of respect and individual difference
  • Responsibility for own actions behaviour and learning 

School Student Code of Conduct

  • Participate actively in the school's education program - be a productive learner
  • Take accountability for their own behaviour and learning
  • Demonstrate Respect for themselves, other members of the school community and the school environment
  • Behave in a manner that Respects the rights of others, including the right to learn

School Keys to Success

  • Be Respectful
  • Be Responsible and Accountable
  • Be a Productive Learner
  • Be Safe

School Priority Areas 2023

  • Attendance
  • Whole school Curriculum Plan
  • Pedagogical frame work (NASOT)
  • Literacy – Reading, Writing, Thinking
  • Agriculture and Equine Precinct
  • Use data to inform teaching practice 

School Targets 2023

School targets are evident in all classrooms. Individual class targets are also published for each class.

  •     Everyone moves up one - Continuous class improvement analysing the data and moving every child up one from    where they are
  •    Continuous literacy improvement - Focus on domain areas: 10% of below national average students to above NMS & improve individual student relative gain data in Year 9
  •    Completion -  All students exiting with any or all of the following ATAR, QCE, QCIA or VET Qualification – 100%
  •    School Attendance - Improving school attendance rates  >90% in all year levels and working on best form class for every semester​
  •      Satisfaction - Maintaining satisfaction in the belief that students at this school are getting a good education – A to C data improve by 5%
  •       Improving pedagogy through consistent pedagogical practices in every classroom – Profiling toolkit – Principal as instructional leader and discussions
  •       Reducing the number of Not rated or N below 1%
  •       HOT's development in the U2B for Literacy to a 5% improvement​

Last reviewed 07 February 2023
Last updated 07 February 2023